ACADIA offers a comprehensive learning program to students. Each day students are explicit receiving instruction in Social Emotional Learning, Literacy, Math, and Science/Social Studies. Whenever possible, teachers integrate the arts into lessons daily. Each week students receive instruction directly related to art, music, physical education, technology and self-determined exploration projects (Eagles Soar projects).

Core Curriculum

Pre-Kindergarten’s core program aligns learning activities to the MELG required by Chapter 124 for Public Pre-K. They use Creative Curriculum for literacy, art, movement, social and science foundations in their daily learning. Bridges is used for mathematics instruction. Strong Start is explicitly taught for social emotional learning. The use of Handwriting without Tears strengthens the writing station. Creative Curriculum includes daily music and art activities which are all aligned with the day’s learning targets.

Kindergarten through third grade’s core programming uses Reading Mastery, whole language learning with guided reading groups, Saxon Math, FOSS science learning, Lucy Culkins Writing, Words Their Way spelling program, Handwriting Without Tears, Strong Kids Social Emotional Learning program. In addition to these programs, students identify individual interests and complete WINK projects as outlined in the charter application. Daily learning activities incorporate technology, art, music and physical movement. Each grade level explicitly focuses on unified arts weekly. Student growth is reported out at student-led conferences three times a year. Teachers maintained records of skills mastered following a standards-based reporting system. This is comparable to a 4-point proficiency based system and will provide parents and students with specific skills that students are mastering as well as identify skills needing additional learning time.

In addition to these programs, all grade levels teach PBIS through use of activities available at and Social emotional learning is a main component of our day with emphasis on needs as screening tools and RTI conversations uncover. Teachers use activities from,, and

Supplemental Curriculum

Supplemental literacy and math learning is acquired through use of activities from FCRR, RAZ kids, A-Z learning, Science A-Z, K-5 Math Teaching Resources (online tool) and a variety of other learning activities all aligned with Maine’s Learning Results (CCSS). Each grade level meets monthly to discuss student performance and growth in all aspects of development and RTI practices are put into place when necessary.

Summer Program Learning

ACADIA offers year round schooling. Students of ACADIA attending summer sessions receive up to 200 days of schooling per year. Our summer program is four days a week for four weeks, featuring continued learning in content areas of math and literacy as well as purposefully chosen science and experiential learning opportunities. Programming also includes STEM learning through a collaboration with The University of Maine Cooperative Extension with 4-H. Unified arts will be a priority as well as cross grade level groupings with student selected choice learning.

ESSA Public Notice

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) mandates that all states and school units provide an annual report card that shares the achievement and progress of students and schools as well as information about graduation rates and the qualification of teachers in the school unit. The data gleaned from the report card serves to inform school and district improvement initiatives. In addition, the data can assist families and community members in working effectively and productively with educators to support student achievement.

The most recent school report card also includes Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) participation rates for students with limited English proficiency and students with disabilities. You may access the full report card at this address:  

If you have questions about the ESEA Report Card or the data presented, please contact the school office.