Board of Trustees

ACADIA Academy is governed by its Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for all functions of the school in accordance with applicable law and the terms and conditions set forth in its Charter. The Board shall have the authority to decide matters related to the operations of the School including, but not limited to, budgeting, curriculum, and operating procedures and shall have final authority for the academic performance of the School. The Board shall be established and operate pursuant to the following requirements and restrictions:

  • The Board shall operate pursuant to the by-laws of the School whether such by-laws be those initially submitted to the Commission or as amended (initially or as amended, the "By-laws"), as well as all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Board members shall receive no compensation other than reimbursement of actual expenses incurred while fulfilling official duties as a member of the Board. No member of the Board shall hold any office or employment from the Board or the Charter School while serving as a Board member.

Board Members

Amy Dieterich, President

Sean Siebert, Vice President

Christopher Brann, Treasurer

Julie McCabe, Secretary

Donald Dearborn

Kate Dumais


Danielle Moreau

Azenaide Pedro


Regularly scheduled Board meetings begin at 5:30 PM on the last Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise posted on the School Calendar. Meetings are held at the school and are open to the public.

2022 Meetings

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